Collection: Eco-Friendly



We conscientiously source styles in eco-friendly fabrics. We are able to showcase garments that are created with 100% organic cotton.We have recently introduced our eco- friendly range, an easy to wear, comfort range, 'Friendly'  Organic fabric uses less water and less chemicals than conventional cotton, making it better for the environment. The look good and feel good EARTHKEEPERS products from Timberland are made with organic cotton.The Timberland organic cotton is free of genetically modified seeds, synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.  It's better for the environment of your future.Our organic ranges include products from Timberland, Gant,  Calvin Klein, Guess, Pigeon, Fable & Bear, and Keel eco. For our babies we have the gorgeous Pigeon organics, Fable & Bear, and Timberland  all offering organic products. We also stock stylish Timberland, Gant and Calvin Klein  for our cool eco friendly teenagers.