'Our products are designed around the human body, that of the parent and child. The ergonomic features ensure ultimate comfort, usability and support. '

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About Joolz

Joolz is a fast-growing Dutch company from Amsterdam. We believe that happy parents raise happy children. That's why we offer young families building blocks to spark their lives with positivity. We call it "Positive Design". It means, we build award-winning, ergonomic, comfortable and stylish strollers and (organic) accessories that contribute to a vibrant lifestyle. Within our philosophy, we look for innovative solutions that help us create a sunny future. Our reusable packaging, the Joolz Birth Forest, (where we plant trees for each Joolz baby where its most needed), our Dutch production facility and our new Amsterdam headquarters are the epitome of that. Housed in a sustainably renovated factory with greenhouses and other smart energy-neutral solutions, it is an inspiration to further grow our "Positive Design". Founded in 2004, today Joolz is available in 28 countries around Europe, Asia, Australia and now available in the USA.




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Joolz XL Shopping bag


Go shopping! This XL shopping bag adds a lot of extra storage space and style to your pushchair. The Joolz pushchair shopping bag can be used with both the cot...