Steiff - Luca Teddy Bear 30cm


30cm jointed teddy

“Hello Laura, Elias, Ida, Paul, Ella, Felix and everyone ... I am Luca Teddy bear. I’m a really great bear, full of ideas and always up for a cuddle. And I would love to be with you!” Measuring 35 cm tall, Luca Teddy bear is a beige bear made of wonderfully cosy, long-pile plush and is a lovable companion for any child. Is this perhaps down to his pretty face with those shiny eyes, black nose and semi-circular ears, his “Button in Ear” or his Teddy bear body with bean bags in his bottom for extra cushioning? Or maybe it’s the way Luca Teddy bear starts the day. He offers a morning greeting, raises his arms and legs once to keep fit, loves to hear about nice dreams (and offers comfort for bad ones), discusses breakfast ideas (his tip is honey) and much more besides. Luca Teddy bear is a feel-good bear for all the children in this city, and the country – in fact, children the world over! 

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